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Dr. Brendan McCollum's Profile

Dr. Brendan J. McCollumDr. Brendan McCollum is a Clinical Psychologist licensed to practice in the state of Florida. While he sees patients of all ages, Dr. Brendan specializes in child, adolescent, and family therapies. Dr. Brendan has the expertise to treat patients with all disorders and has considerable experience working with individuals who have been diagnosed with behavioral disorders, ADHD, depression, and anger management difficulties. In addition, Dr. Brendan provides evaluations for ADHD, learning disabilities, and general intelligence/achievement.

Dr. Brendan is trained in providing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis, and various behavioral management training protocols. His belief is that, when providing treatment for the patient, family involvement is a major key to long-term success, particularly when treating youth. His focus is on challenging the patientís beliefs while providing compassion and empathy. Dr. Brendan utilizes patient strengths and works with the patient to develop a customized treatment plan.   


Dr. Brendan received his Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Georgia Southern University where he also earned his Bachelors of Science in Psychology. While at Georgia Southern University, he received training at community mental health centers and acute psychiatric facilities where he worked with clients of all ages and walks of life. Dr. Brendan completed his APA accredited internship at the Nebraska Internship Consortium of Professional Psychology (NICPP) Boys Town site in Omaha, NE. His post-doctoral training focused on providing evidenced-based therapy and assessment services to children and adolescents presenting with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, behavioral disorders, depression, and anxiety. Since completion of his residency and post-doctoral training, Dr. Brendan has continued to provide treatment to numerous individuals and families right here in the local area.