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Eating Disorders & Weight Management Program

The Eating Disorder Clinic and Weight Management Program at Carter Psychology Center is a multifaceted out-patient program staffed by an experienced team of professionals trained to treat the full spectrum of eating-related issues including Anorexia, Bulimia, Obesity, Compulsive Over-Eating, and Chronic Body Dissatisfaction. Clinical services include:

*Individual plans may vary depending upon assessed needs.

Assessment services are provided to determine the emotional and behavioral contributions to continued difficulties with weight management. Psychological testing, review of medical history, and interviews are utilized in the initial evaluation process. The results of the evaluation are incorporated into a treatment plan that helps guide the team in providing focused treatment to achieve the client’s goals.

Coordination of Care
Each individual admitted to the Eating Disorder Clinic and Weight Management Program at Carter Psychology Center must be medically monitored by a physician to ensure that their physical condition is stable and safe for out-patient care. In addition, patients often require medication to help manage their moods and symptoms throughout the course of treatment. When necessary a physician who is experienced in eating disorders provides evaluation and monitoring of medications for the patient.

Individual Therapy
Individual therapy is offered to help patients learn to control eating habits, reduce and control dangerous, and potentially life threatening, symptoms and learn life strategies that encourage healthy living. Commonly occurring psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem are also addressed as these conditions commonly co-occur. Individual therapy helps patients develop a more comprehensive understanding of the causes of their disorder and the resultant life-disruptive effects.

Registered Dietician
A consulting registered dietician is available to develop, along with the client, an individualized nutrition and meal plan to meet treatment plan goals and to promote optimum nutrition and healthy eating strategies. Progress toward weight goals is monitored by the staff at the clinic.

Family Education & Therapy
Loved ones can be significantly affected by the emotions and behaviors of individuals with eating disorders and weight management problems. Education regarding the medical, psychological, and social consequences is provided and loved ones are encouraged to gain a better understanding of eating disorders and recovery. In addition, family therapy is provided to help families understand their role in the recovery process and to increase their understanding of the family system which may contribute to a client’s symptoms.

Bariatric Pre-Surgical Screening
Carter Psychology Center offers bariatric evaluations that meet the American Society of Bariatric Surgery (ASBS) guidelines. A bariatric evaluation will include:

According to ASBS, the ideal psychological evaluation for bariatric surgery candidates should assess the patient’s cognitive functioning, rationale for surgery, current coping strategies (maladaptive eating attitudes and behaviors), and psychopathology. The psychological evaluation should also evaluate the patient’s developmental history and current life situation to screen for a history of trauma, relationship problems, significant stressors, utilization of social supports, and identify level of motivation and expectations. Carter Psychology Center utilizes the best psychological measures to ensure that the national guidelines for this surgery are being met.

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