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Memory Care Clinic

Memory and thinking abilities inevitably decline with age. A Neuropsychological Assessment measures the amount of decline and lets you know whether it is normal for your age.

The Neuropsychological Assessment at the Carter Memory Care Clinic is conducted by highly trained and qualified experts. The assessment typically includes evaluation of the following:

Each individual’s test results and treatment recommendations are reviewed with them in detail.

Who May Request an Assessment

Individuals may request a Neuropsychological Assessment at any stages of memory decline:

  1. Healthy, independently functioning adults who want to obtain a picture of their level of memory wellness.
  2. Individuals who want to obtain a “baseline” of their memory and thinking wellness to create a reference/comparison point for the future.
  3. Individuals noticing memory or other thinking changes who want to find out if these changes are normal.
  4. Individuals with substantial memory and other thinking problems looking for a diagnosis, information, treatment, and answers.
  5. Individuals diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment or dementia.
  6. Individuals struggling with stress, depression, anxiety, or other mood  and behavior changes.
  7. Attorneys or Physicians.

How to Request an Appointment

Anyone may contact our office for an appointment, including the patient’s doctor, nurse, the patient him/herself, or family members.

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Carter Psychology Center has now partnered with Freedom Village to offer Memory Care services onsite!