Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology Services Include:

Family Law

Forensic psychology services in the area of family law may include custody (parenting plan) evaluations, family mediation, Parenting Coordination, Relocation Risk Assessments, parenting plan facilitation, coparenting consultations, reunification therapy and other services related to separation, divorce, and parenting disputes.

For more information, please visit our Family Services page.

Probate Law / Guardianship Evaluations

Guardianship evaluations use scientific methods to document a person’s ability to competently make informed decisions. These evaluations are usually conducted if someone’s ability to competently make informed decisions is called into question or before a major decision such as a business sale or the making of a will is completed.  Civil rights can be lost, access to medical care can be altered, business transactions can be halted, and wills can be contested.

Criminal Law – Competency / Mitigation / Sanity

These are mental health evaluations conducted in the context of a criminal case. The issues our clinicians evaluate for include competency to stand trial, insanity at the time of the offense, and mental health matters mitigation factors for sentencing. These referrals are typically made by the Courts or by an attorney referring their clients. Our office accepts private-, circuit-, federal-, and JAC-funded cases.

Independent Medical / Injury Examinations

These are psychological and neuropsychological examinations that aim to document the level of psychological or cognitive/mental injury in order to inform such matters as ability to return to work, determine compensation in a legal claim, or eligibility for long-term care. These referrals typically are made to our office by insurance companies or attorneys referring their clients for the evaluation.

Litigation Support & Consultation

CPC psychologists offer work product reviews and analysis based upon quality and adherence to guidelines and industry standards in that expert’s area of specialty.  Support services may also include:  rebuttal witness testimony, forensic psychological evaluations, second opinion evaluations, and consultation for a trial/case. Being a consultant for an attorney involves many blended roles such as preparing for direct and cross-examination, testifying to provide general knowledge or advice, or reviewing mental health treatment records of a client and other review services.



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