Patient Forms and Information

Carter Psychology Center offers telepsychology services to those for whom it is appropriate. To receive such services please take all of the following steps:

  1. Read, sign, and return the consents, and Telemedicine Consent above. There are two forms, so two signatures are required. Please read the document before you sign and ask questions if need be so you understand what you are signing.
  2. Call the office (941-753-0064) to arrange a telepsychology appointment making sure we have your correct email address on file.
  3. Shortly after the appointment is made you will receive an email with the login information for the appointment.
  4. Five minutes before your appointment , click on the link in the email (or copy and paste the link into your browser if the link does not work). Some computers will put up a pop-up asking you to authorize the opening of the Zoom page. Click yes.
  5. Once you are in the Zoom program, use the test feature to confirm that your microphone, speakers, and video work.
  6. Your healthcare provider will join you in the Zoom session at the appointed time.


The doctors and staff at Carter Psychology Center want to help you stay safe. We also are committed to helping our community in our joint effort to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Toward those goals we are offering new options, new services, and the following information so that you can continue to receive your health care without taking undue risks. Reliable sources predict that the virus contamination risks will persist for many months. So, simply putting off or posptoning your treatment or diagnostic studies is unlikely to be a good option.

What is Carter Psychology Center doing to ensure patient safety?

The safety of our patients, staff, and neighbors has become the foreground for Carter’s psychology center. We are following, and often exceeding, guidelines from reliable medical sources including isolating staff members who have any risk factors, going into overdrive when it comes to sanitizing the workplace, offering telehealth when appropriate, and structuring the Center to allow people to maintain a safe distance between themselves and others. When clinically feasible our doctors are offering “walk and talks” in which therapy is conducted outdoors while walking through the neighborhood.

Can I meet with my doctor by telephone or videoconference?

We do have the capacity to meet with you by telephone or by videoconferencing while you remain at home. Simply call the office (941-753-0064) to request that your appointment be changed to either telephone or videoconference. These services are often referred to as Telemedicine, Telehealth, Telepsychology, Teletherapy, or Virtual Therapy.

If you have access to a computer with speakers and a camera, we will email you a link to a HIPAA compliant videoconferencing platform.  The login is simple. Log in a few moments before your appointment and your doctor will initiate the call. If you do not have access to a computer, the doctor will contact you by telephone.


Should I postpone my appointment?

Most of us are safe to come to Carter Psychology Center and other doctor’s offices. Even if you meet some of the criteria below, you should use the telehealth options outlined above. Telehealth is not a good option for those in need of neuropsychological diagnostic tests. If you need those tests and you meet any of the following criteria, you should call to postpone your appointment. You should postpone your appointments for neuropsychological testing if you are over 60 years of age; and have been traveling; have been in contact with someone who is known to or is believed to be infected; or you are showing any of these symptoms: 1) Fever; 2) Cough; 3) Sore Throat; 4) Runny Nose.

Please do call if you are not going to keep your appointment. Those who simply do not show up will be billed for the time they have reserved. We will waive late cancellation fees for anyone who is ill, or chooses to self-isolate and is unable to use the telehealth options described above.

How can I maintain my space while I am in the office?

There is now a self-check-in device in the lobby. Use the sanitizing wipes next to the device before you start the process. It is very straightforward, simply enter in your last name and your birthdate. The device will notify your doctor that you are waiting for them.

Your doctor will make follow-up appointments at the end of each appointment. So, you will not have to go to the check-out window.

Nor do you have to make payments at the reception window. Payments can be made by leaving a credit card on file. We will need a signed Credit Card Authorization form which can be sent directly from our on-line portal (see instructions below), downloaded from our website, or sent to you be email or mail upon request.

To use our on-line patient portal to make your payments please do the following. To register for the portal simply email a request for a portal invitation to: Although the portal will work on your mobile devices you must register on a desktop or laptop using your birthdate rather than your Social Security number.

How can I manage stress during stressful times?

Fear, uncertainty, social isolation, and tight quarters are all on the list of primary stressors for human beings and most mammals. Unfortunately, many of us will be faced with all or some of these in the coming months. They cannot be avoided but the ill-effects can be controlled. First, avoid the temptation to view and read about the pandemic more than is necessary to learn about a new threat. Limit the time you spend learning about coronavirus and prevention to pre-set times. Second, stick to knowledgeable, objective sources of information. Social media will be full of misinformation designed (intentionally or otherwise) with fear inducing misinformation. Third, spend time engaging in activities with those with whom you live; and still more time connecting electronically with others. Now is a good time to write that letter to the best friend from high school you have been meaning to get in touch with. Fourth, make sure everyone in your home has enough time and space to get some “alone time”. Fifth, if your health allows, get some aerobic exercise. Finally, if you still find yourself or a family member getting overwhelmed by stress, feel free to schedule an appointment by telephone or teleconference.


What can I say to my children when they ask what is going on?

There is no single set of “right answers” to this question. But, there are some things that make talking to children more fruitful and reassuring. First, hear them all the way out. Our tendency to respond quickly gets in the way of the child’s ability to communicate all of their concerns and needs to know. Second, be truthful. Preserving and deserving the child’s trust is an essential parenting goal in any conversation. Third, speak at levels that your child can understand. Analogies often are helpful here, especially if the analogy refers to an experience the child has already had. Fourth, let your child know that the adults are handling things. By doing so, you help relieve the child of any sense of responsibility they may have for their own well-being without disempowering them.

We hope you found this to be helpful,

The Team at Carter Psychology Center


All Patient Forms are available to be filled out electronically in the Patient Portal. In order to access the Patient Portal, you will need to register for an account. Our system will automatically email new Patients with a registration link, but all Patients have the ability to create an account via the Patient Portal. Once you are at the Patient Portal screen, click on the blue Register button to create an account. If you are unable to access the Patient Portal, you can email our front desk and they can send you the forms to be printed and completed prior to your appointment – send email to: to receive printable forms.