Experienced, Caring Professionals
Helping You Reach Your Potential
Experienced, Caring Professionals
Helping You Reach Your Potential

Forensic Psychology

What It Is

Neuropsychologists are licensed psychologists whose field of study is concentrated on brain functioning. The brain is an incredibly complex organ that governs our bodies, guides our thoughts, and filters our feelings.

When something goes wrong with the brain, it is imperative to find out exactly how that affects a person’s thoughts, emotions and behavior.

The Neuropsychologist’s goal is to answer those questions and to then design and deliver treatment aimed at resolving any problems uncovered.

Assessment & Evaluation

A neuropsychological evaluation consists of a clinical interview, followed by the administration of tests that tap various motor, cognitive, and perceptual skills. Neuropsychological tests do not involve the use of machines like X-Ray and MRI studies do.

Rather, they typically consist of measures in the forms of questionnaires, manipulative tasks, puzzles and memory exercises. Unlike brain imaging, which shows us what the brain looks like, neuropsychological testing determines how well the brain is functioning during activities like speaking, listening, and problem-solving.

If you are to be evaluated, you will not be spending all of your time taking tests. Rather, you will first consult with the Doctor so that he or she can have a chance to learn about your unique situation.

Frequently, the Neuropsychologist will also ask you for permission to speak with a friend or relative to gain a better understanding of your day-to-day functioning from that person’s point of view. All of this information is gathered to help the Doctor select the most appropriate tests for you.

Testing can take anywhere from two to six hours, and in some cases even more. Longer evaluations are sometimes divided into several appointments.

You are free to take breaks during the testing and, in fact, your comfort during your evaluation is of the utmost importance at Carter Psychology Center. If you have any questions at any point in time, the Doctor will be happy to answer them for you.


Neuropsychological testing is performed either by the Psychologist or by a specially trained person called a Psychometrist.

The Neuropsychology Division at Carter Psychology Center offers leading experts in brain-based assessment and rehabilitation. Services include:

  • Individual
  • Family
  • Couples

  • Play Therapy
  • All Ages

Carter Psychology Center provides the highest quality, efficient, and effective care to individuals of all ages.

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