Dr. Karim Z. Yamout

Dr. Karim Z. Yamout Psy.D., ABPP-CN

Dr. Yamout is a Licensed Psychologist and provides Clinical and Forensic services. Dr. Yamout is Board Certified in Clinical Neuropsychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology. He specializes in assessment of the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning of individuals with a variety of conditions, including psychiatric, developmental, brain injuries, and neurological diseases. Dr. Yamout is consulted statewide and nationwide by physicians, attorneys, insurance companies, and courts. Dr. Yamout is the only Arabic speaking board certified neuropsychologist and he conducts neuropsychological evaluations in Arabic and English.

Before joining Carter Psychology Center, Dr. Yamout completed graduate training at the Shepherd Center brain injury rehabilitation center, Emory University Cognitive Neurology Clinic, and Northwest Georgia Regional Hospital. He completed his internship at the Kansas University School of Medicine in Wichita. He completed a 2-year residency in Neuropsychology at the Neurology department of the University of California in Davis.

Dr. Yamout’s research includes peer-reviewed publications in the realms of substance abuse (link), sleep apnea and cognition in seniors (link), psychological evaluation of individuals with non-epileptic (psychogenic) seizures (link), and the evaluation of test performance validity in older adults (link). Dr. Yamout has also presented additional research projects at national conferences in neuropsychology and neurology.